JEM decoded #1: Yahweh as Saturn

The Bible is one of the most influential books in all of history, yet most modern and even “traditional” church interpretations of it, make little sense. Most biblical stories are interpreted to have some moral message on how to live your life and treat others. These interpretations however, leave many things unexplained and many questions unanswered. The same applies to Greek mythology and more. The purpose of this and other forthcoming articles is to discover the true meaning of these ancient stories and its overarching narrative (REM = Racial Esoteric Moralization).
REM, and more specifically JEM (Jewish Esoteric Moralization), were originally discovered by Mark Brahmin, you can find his work at This article series tries to make his ideas more accessible for a more general audience.

This first article covers some basics regarding the Jewish God and “numerology”.

The Jewish God of the old testament, Yahweh, is the Greek god Kronos, who’s Roman equivalent is Saturn. Evidence for this thesis comes from Tacitus, the Hebrew Bible as well as Hebrew words themselves.

First, Tacitus equates the expulsion of Saturn (Kronos) with the fleeing of the Jews from Crete:

"The Jews are said to have been refugees from the island of Crete who settled in the remotest corner of Libya in the days when, according to the story, Saturn was driven from his throne by the aggression of Jupiter." 1

In Greek mythology, Zeus grows up in Crete, before overthrowing his father Saturn. Tacitus tells us, that when Jupiter overthrew Saturn, the Jews fled from Crete and settled in Libya. Thereby he equates Saturn with the Jews. He confirms this later on:

"We are told that the seventh day was set aside for rest because this marked the end of their toils. In course of time the seductions of idleness made them devote every seventh year to indolence as well. Others say that this is a mark of respect to Saturn, either because they owe the basic principles of their religion to the Idaei, who, we are told, were expelled in the company of Saturn and became the founders of the Jewish race, or because, among the seven stars that rule mankind, the one that describes the highest orbit and exerts the greatest influence is Saturn. A further argument is that most of the heavenly bodies complete their path and revolutions in multiples of seven." 2

While we today know, that the sun is in the center of the solar system and that the moon circles around the Earth and is not classified as a planet, ancient astronomy thought of the moon as the planet that circled the Earth most closely, followed by Mercury, Venus, the sun, Mars, Jupiter and finally Saturn.3

The ancients thought of Saturn as the seventh planet.4

According to this view then, Saturn is indeed the seventh planet, making what Tacitus says very plausible. Saturday is derived from Saturn (Saturn’s day) and was the seventh day of the week since the Roman Emperor Constantine introduced the seven-day week.5 This continued in medieval Christian Europe and still today in the United States. Thus Saturn is the Jewish planet and Seven the Jewish number.

Vasari & Cristofano Gherardi, The Castration of Uranus

Comparing the story of Genesis with Kronos’ story in Greek mythology, confirms this connection. In the original story, Saturn castrates his father Uranus (the sky god) and throws his testicles into the sea, out of which Aphrodite (Venus) is formed.

Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus

The God of Genesis, after resting on the seventh day, wants to create a helper for Adam and so puts him to sleep and takes a rib out of Adam’s side.
As I myself have no knowledge of Hebrew, I will quote Mark Brahmin on the meaning of the Hebrew words used here:

"Indeed, here in Genesis 2:21 when the rib is removed and the flesh is closed, the word for flesh is basar, בָּשָׂ֖ר. Basar also mean 'blood relation' and 'kindred' in Hebrew. In the ancient Hebrew we also understand it, remarkably, to mean 'male genitalia.'" 6

Take this, together with the fact that the rib is a phallic symbol in and of itself, and you can start to the see the parallels between the stories. First, there is clearly a theme of castration in the Bible, just as in the Greek myth. There is secondly the element of the severed genitalia creating a woman – the first human woman. Additionally, both Aphrodite and Eve have a strong association with apples and even with gardens.

But even if you don’t believe the parallel story lines, modern Hebrew confirms the Yahweh-Saturn-Seven connection as well:

Saturn = שבתאי
Sabbath = שבת
Seven = שבע

As can be seen, all these start (Hebrew is read and written from right to left) very similar and are likely linguistically related.

A lot of people like to say that six is the Jewish number. This seems mostly based on the desire to mark the antichrist’s number 666 as Jewish and thus portray Jews as antithetical to Christianity. However, this is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the Bible, as shall be shown in future articles.
The arguments for the number six being Jewish are mostly superficial and easy to refute. I will not go into them here, as the reader will, with the information put forth here, be able to see through them on his own.
One of the more convincing arguments the reader might encounter, is the six-pointed star of David. This will also be addressed in a future article.


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